Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Hosts Webinar on Partnership-Based Governance in Vocational Teacher Education

Kyiv, September 29, 2023 — The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, within the Erasmus+ Project "New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine" (PAGOSTE), successfully organized an insightful webinar on the promotion of Partnership-Based Governance (PBG) in vocational teacher education. The online event, which took place on September 29, 2023, attracted a substantial audience of over 320 participants, including higher education staff, vocational teachers, and representatives from methodological scientific centers.

The primary focus of the webinar was to share knowledge and experiences related to the implementation of PBG in vocational teacher education. During the event, Iryna Shumik, the Director of the Directorate of Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, presented the Methodological Recommendation on Implementation of PBG by universities training prospective vocational teachers. This recommendation, bearing the official approval of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (Nr. 666), signifies a significant step toward enhancing vocational teacher education in the country.

Furthermore, the webinar featured presentations from three partner-universities (Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU), National Transport University in Kyiv (NTU) & Ukrainian Engineering-Pedagogics Academy (UEPA)) involved in the Erasmus+ Project PAGOSTE. These universities shared their valuable experiences and insights gained from implementing PBG within their respective organizations. Their contributions provided a comprehensive overview of the practical aspects of partnership-based governance.

In a notable addition, Valentyna Radkevych, the Director of Institute of Vocational Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, introduced an innovative online platform "015" developed under the PAGOSTE project: This platform is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration among various stakeholders involved in vocational teacher education. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the platform is set to streamline interactions and improve efficiency within the sector.

All the presentations delivered during the webinar are accessible for review and reference, ensuring that the valuable insights shared during the event can continue to benefit stakeholders in vocational teacher education.

For further details and access to the presentations, please visit [insert link to access presentations].

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine expresses its gratitude to all participants, speakers, and partners for their active involvement in this event, emphasizing its commitment to fostering excellence in vocational teacher education through partnership-based governance.

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