6DE: Project dissemination plan and exploitation of results

The aim of the dissemination WP is to promote the project results to the key actors and the general public and increase awareness of VTE, its relevance, and mechanisms for its improvement in Ukraine. For this purpose, it is planned, firstly, to make the project results available on internet sites of project partners, in social networks, and through electronic newsletters; secondly, to disseminate the project and its results by means of published products during events in which the project members will participate ; thirdly, to organise events (informational sessions during workshops, a conference). It is also planned to make the project visible by means of project branding and logos.


  • create project branding
  • prepare promotional materials
  • update regularly news on the project website and social networks
  • send regular newsletters / leaflets to target groups
  • organise a conference on VTE
  • conduct informational sessions with stakeholders involved in VTE (vocational schools, HEIs, associations in higher education etc.)
  • publish an anthology on VTE for a general and scientific community
  • present the project during activities and events outside the project


Project conference at Vienna University on 6-8.11.23

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