4DEV: Setting up PBG mechanisms for the national level

The aim of the forth WP is to transfer the results which have been achieved in the individual locations to the national level. This means to work out and submit amendments to the standards of vocational teacher education (VTE) with respect to partnership-based governance to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


  • conduct a staff training on educational reforms and partnerships in VTE
  • write a policy paper, which will contain guidelines for HEIs in Ukraine how to implement PBG mechanisms
  • design and launch an online platform for fostering cooperation between different stakeholders in VTE
  • organise visits of students from Ukrainian HEIs to the universities and vocational schools in Programme Countries
  • develop and submit to the MESU the amendments on educational standards for VTE in accordance with PBG
  • write a report on WP4


So far no inforamation is available in this section.


So far no inforamation is available in this section.