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Fourth project workshop

On November 2-5, 2022, in the Roma Tre University the fourth workshop of the Erasmus+ project “New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine (PAGOSTE)” took place.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss current state of implementation of PBG structures (WP2) at every HEI-institution and to analyze it work progress on the national level. Also one of the main objectives was to discuss the implementation of the dissemination WP…

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Study visit of students to University of Rome Tre

On November 14-25, 2022, university students from Ukrainian partner organizations visited the University of Rome Tre. The visit was attended by 8 peoples. The main goal was to introduce the students to the system vocational training in Italy and to the paths through which teachers and trainers involved in technical and vocational training build their professional competence.

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Study visit of students to University of Konstanz

On November 14-25, 2022, university students from Ukrainian partner organizations visited the University of Konstanz. 8 people from took part in the visit. The main goal was to familiarize the students with the practical experience of the University of Konstanz in implementing effective cooperation in the professional training of teachers in terms of teaching and research.

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Invitation to online staff training

Dear readers,

the Chair of Economics and Business Educaiton I (University of Konstanz) invites you to participate in an online staff training held on 17.10.-19.10.2022. The topic of the training is TEACHER PROFESSIONALISATION: APPROACHES, STRUCTURE AND STANDARDS.

Upon the successfull participation certificates of participation may be issued

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Public discussion of the updated occupational standard for vocational teacher profession

Within the fourth work package of the Erasmus+ project PAGOSTE the Institute of Vocational Education of the National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine has amended the occupational standard for vocational teacher profession with regard to competences need for establishing partnership and cooperation with all parties. Currently the updated version is under public discussion. We invite all interested to review a new version and make contribution or give a feedback.

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The project continues

We are pleased to inform you that the project continues despite all the difficulties and troubles that Ukraine has faced. The project is extended until January 14, 2024.

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Statement regarding the war in Ukraine

Russia attacked Ukraine. Let us not be misled by the Russian government’s rhetoric calling its attack on Ukraine “special military operation”. We condemn this war unreservedly. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians who have been affected by the war. We stand together with people of all persuasions who oppose the war in Ukraine. We must unite and look beyond citizenship for the sake of the higher goal of peace and freedom.

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Consideration of progressive ideas of German experience in introduction of pedagogical traineeship in Ukraine

January 24, 2022 there was conducted the meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute for Vocational Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine in accordance with the competence "to discuss the most important scientific, scientific and practical, other problems concerning the core activities of the Institute". At the meeting Doctor of Education, Senior Researcher Oleksandr Radkevych introduced to members of the Academic Council with the results of an educational…

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Centre for Teaching and Administrative Excellence in Ukrainian Vocational Education

On November 29, 2021, the Strategic Session-Presentation entitled "Teaching and Administrative Excellence at Ukrainian Vocational Colleges: Partnership and European Standards» was carried out at Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy on the occasion of All-Ukrainian Week for Vocational Training. The event was held in a hybrid format, involving offline and online working models via Google Meet, as well as broadcasting on YouTube.

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