Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

About the organisation

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is one of the central governmental body of executive power. The Ministry is responsible for the development of strategy and reforms of education in Ukraine, other strategic documents, state target programmes, participation in their realization and provision of methodological assistance; determination of state priorities in teachers’ education, teachers’ certification and upskilling etc. The Ministry’s activities are aimed on pre-school, school, vocational, higher, inclusive, and extracurricular education.

Role and function in the project

Directorate of Higher and Adult Education of the Ministry is responsible for issues relates with teacher’s education. It develops recommendation for universities and colleges on implementation of modern managerial and educational technologies, innovation, and quality assurance. Directorate of Vocational Education deals with quality of vocational education and new educational approaches like dual education, competence-based curricula, and ensuring that the teachers in vocational schools are capable to meet the modern challenges of the market. There is a number of affiliated to the Ministry organizations like National Agency for Ensuring the Quality of Higher Education, Accreditation Council, Institute of Education Content Modernization, Education and Methodological Centers of Vocational Education and Training, Institute of Educational Analytics etc.

Therefore, the MESU will:

  • provide councelling and evaluation of the developed concepts of cooperation and partnerships between HEIs and vocational schools;
  • coordinate the development of amendments to educational standards of VTE with regards to the current national legal norms;
  • participate in workshops, staff trainings, round tables and a conference;
  • provide a possibility for MESU’s staff to attend project activities;
  • take part in the work on national guidelines for PBG and amendments to the standards;
  • perform other tasks necessary to successfully implement the project.

Contact person of the project team of MESU

Iryna Shumik, Ph.D.

Director General of the the Directorate of Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine