National Transport University

About the organisation

National Transport University in Kyiv (NTU) was founded in 1944. According to the education levelled system more the 8 thousand students in 25 specialties and specializations study at five faculties and in two educational centers. The 80% of academic and teaching staff of the university have academic status and degree. They are engaged into fruitful research work on the national and international levels. A lot of lecturers have become the Ukrainian State Prize Laureates in the field of science and technology. The high standards of educational and research work were the main priorities of NTU since its foundation. Thanks to this, National transport university has long-term partnership agreements with leading industry enterprises such as ‘UkrAVTO’ corporation, ‘Niko’ concern, ‘Toyota-Ukraine’ company, etc.

NTU has wide experience in execution of international projects and strong, long-standing traditions of fruitful international cooperation with European and world universities. Among them, more then 20-year-old partnership with Rzeszow University of Technology in the students’ and academic staff mobility programs. Also, University has a National Contact Point of the Horizons 2020 program by section ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’.

The vocational teacher training program was found in 2003 at the faculty of automotive and mechanical engineering. In 2016, it began to be taught at faculty of economics and law. National transport university takes the leading position in vocational teachers’ training for transport industry. The graduates of this specialty are successfully working in vocational schools and training centers of automotive transport companies.

Role and function in the project

NTU is interested in enhancing attractiveness and the quality of the study program for vocational teachers in transport and automotive service areas, therefore, it confirms its willingness to actively participate in the project for realisation of the objectives. As a Ukrainian HEI, it strives to become a promoter of positive changes in higher education in Ukraine, which are possible to reach within the project. NTU plans to:

  • compare Ukrainian practices with EU practices of VTE and learn what might be borrowed for the Ukrainian context
  • participate in the activities of the project
  • host the activities of the project at its place
  • perform the tasks and assignments which are needed to achieve the project objective (develop and implement PBG, conduct trainings, disseminate the project etc.)

Contact person of the project team of NTU

Ass. Prof. Dr. Natalia Bondar

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law