Roma Tre University

About the organisation

The Roma Tre University is active for 24 years and actually represents a central point of reference in the academic scenario at both local and national level, hosting nearly 40,000 students. University Roma TRE has about 857 teachers within 12 Departments, offering a wide-range of courses (about 70 degree, 22 PhDs and 80 post-degree) and concentrating on the quality of the teaching and the introduction of its students into the labour market. Scientific research, together with education, is one of the essential functions of the University as well as the basis of teaching itself. It is the engine of critical knowledge, creativity, innovation, competitiveness, and the quality of education.

The Department of Education Science at Roma Tre University is made up of 80 professors among which full professors, associate professors, full-time researchers and lecturers. Many scientific departmental laboratories are of interest for the Pagoste project, in particular the Laboratory of Qualitative Methodologies in Adult Education (MetQualFA), which arose from the experience of research and training carried out since 1996 from the Adult Education Chair.

The research lines of the Department of Education of the University of Roma Tre are oriented primarily to the pedagogical sciences and education, but are, at the same time, firmly anchored also to the sphere of human and social disciplines.

Since the early decades of the twentieth century, in fact, the development of pedagogical disciplines has led to a series of significant transformations of the methodological procedures and interpretative hypotheses of a field of study and research increasingly urged by the emergence of new social issues, by the mass literacy in interculture, from the role of training - inside and outside school circuits - to the theme of equal opportunities.

The contribution of the human and social sciences - think of the psychological, sociological, anthropological, philosophical, historical, linguistic, artistic-expressive and legal knowledge - has proved to be not only irreplaceable but even intrinsically connected to educational research as an unavoidable cognitive foundation in a perspective capable of grasping the complexity of training phenomena.

The “MetQualFA” Laboratory has contributed to improving and consolidating theoretical research in its applicative aspects regarding the approaches and qualitative methods imparted by adult education, continuous training, training of trainers, in general from training of adults in the perspective of lifelong learning. The Laboratory is organized into two main research and experimentation sections: Biographical Methodologies in the training field and Bilan des Compétences. For two decades, the Laboratory has been investigating the issues of lifelong learning and the processes of recognition, validation and certification of learning gained in non-formal and informal contexts. In this research area, significant experiments have been developed and effective methodologies have been developed in recent years for the recognition of experiential skills in the university and the skills of managers and middle managers of third sector entities.

Role and function in the project

The Roma Tre University is one of the UE partners, involved in the partnership for its status of academic entity. Its research experience in the field of adult education and in training of school teachers is considered important especially about the promotion of partnership based governance praxis that require the development of strategic and transversal competences.

Particularly, the Roma Tre University will offer its contribution to the following activities:

  • report on vocational education system in Italy;
  • analysis of the training needs of VET teachers;
  • elaboration and implementation of partnership-based governance (PBG);
  • content input on PBG and training of partners staffs on it;
  • hosting of higher education students visits in Italy.

Contact person of the project team of the Roma Tre University

Prof. Paolo Di Rienzo

Head of Research Laboratory Qualitative Methodologies in Adult Education (MetQualFa)
Director of Master ­­­ HR SPECIALIST